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What is the "Active Layer"


Unless I missed it in the documentation, when laying tracks manually, there seems to be no indicator in DSPCB that indicates what the active layer is; by "active layer" I mean the layer on which any action you take such as laying tracks (or even placing text), will take effect on.  In many other PCB programs you can select the layer to begin to draw tracks on, but in DSPCB this does not seem to be the case; Now I know that as you are drawing a track you can right-click and switch layers and adding a via automatically will change a layer, but I'm talking about starting a new track from a PAD or in free space on the PCB;  What I seem to have to do is first begin to draw a small track segment on whatever layer the program puts on (layer unknown to me) then finish it to inspect its color to tell me what layer it's on, then either change the layer or continue - rather cumbersome and inefficient.  So is there a way to show what the active layer currently is, or the layer new tracks will be placed on before actually placing a track?  

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