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What is RAspbery PI used for?

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November 26, 2019 08:55

It can be used as a linux computer, much like a PC, but also by attaching sensors and interfaces (using cheap commercially available Pi HATs ("Hardware Attached on Top")) you can implement sensors and control circuits for specific applications such as robotics.

The Raspberry Pi can be controlled using SSH, and therefore in applications that don't use keyboards and displays - or be used with HDMI displays and keyboards as a stand-alone computer.

You can use non-Linux Operating Systems with it (though when I last looked Windows wasn't available for the Pi 4) - including Android. A Raspberry Pi can be used as a server, or an entertainment delivery system...

Applications can be developed using Python or java, or simplified programming methods such as Scratch, which make it an ideal solution for Primary and Secondary schools with limited budgets, and for the hobbyist, student, research scientist or maker.

In summary, I think it is broadly fair to say that most things that could be run using a PC fitted with the necessary interface boards can be run on a raspberry pi for a fraction of the cost, space and power supply.

Does that help?

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