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What is a Printed Circuit Board?

My first science hero(ine) was Marie Curie and I've always been fascinated by technology and inventors. I've spent my working life trying to make electronic developers' lives easier. Mint Tek is the culmination of that, a place where I hope that gives legs to your brilliant idea and helps you find out if it works and fits into our amazing world.

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July 24, 2019 15:19

Thank you for the basics on PCB that what it actually is, i really want to learn these pcbs, on other website i was reading how to create PCBs and just because i dont know about the basics i want able to understand stuff! thank you for this basics

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April 25, 2016 09:33

To date myself, I attended a lecture by Paul Eisler while in my second year at college. He didn't 'sell' the idea very well to some students who had not met it before. Before 1939, GEC made a radio that used copper (maybe phosphor-bronze) strips riveted to a board instead of printing. After Eisler came Sargrove, who printed most of the components, with resistive inks and other techniques, to make a simple radio. That technique didn't survive, but it made what was almost a big IC.

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