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What do you need to control igus Robolink D robotic arm?




Robolink D from igus redefines the concept of bench robots, bringing to the customers a really customiseble and cost effective robotic arm.

The modular structure allows customers to create their own robotic arm based on what they really need. Robolink D can be easily design by according to the requested number of axis and degrees of freedom. The design flexibility provided by Robolink D delivers to the customers a cost effective robotic arm, exactly with the needed features and specifically optimised for the final task.


In line with its concept of self customisation, Robolink D comes with all the mechanical parts including the powerfull NEMA 23 and NEMA 17 stepper motors, without any logic controller, ready to be fully integrated in the already existing systems, saving integration time and reducing complexity.

What do you need then to control Robolink D? 

The required motion controlled components to drive Robolink D are:

  • the logic controller (PLC)
  • the motor drivers
  • the power supply unit

The Logic Controller

title PLC logic controller needs to be chosen according to the final configuration of tRobolink D, based on the total number of axis. Therefore the PLC needs to be selected with enogh I/O ports to be able to control all the motors, encoders and limit switches. A good choice is the open source Industrial Shields M-Duino IS.MD.21 PLC. This PLC is also easy to be configureed since it is Arduino-based, ensuring at the same time to be fully compliant with industrial standards.

The Motor Drivers


Robolink D joints are actioned by NEMA 23 and NEMA 17 stepper motors that require specific drivers. Geckodrive G201X stepper motor driver can properly drive the NEMA 23 and NEMA 17 motors without any problem of power requirements since they are able to manage up to 7A and 80VDC .


The Power Supply Unit

title Once the PLC and the stepper mortor drivers have been defined, it is quite easy to select the power supply unit. You just need to consider the power consuption of the all the components and maybe some extra one for possible future development of Robolink D configurations. 

Siemens SITOP DIN rail power supply provide enough power for base 4 axis configuration.

This is just an example of a base motion control system that can be applied to the Robolink D.

Additional parts

Robolink D kit includes also the electrical kit (terminated cables and other parts) needed to connect motors and encoders with the motion control system. Anyway if for example your power supply unit is far from the Robolink D position, some more cables and cable accessories could be required.

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Depending on your plant configuration, you may need multicore cable like the RS Pro 4 Core Unscreened Industrial Cable (availabe also in Screened version) or some single core wires like the TE Connectivity white automotive wire 0.5mm2 (available also with different colours), and for managing them properly some cable ties like the RS Pro Nylon Non-Releasable Cable Ties

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