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What Development Kits have you used in 2018?
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February 20, 2019 08:32

I have used few development board last year and these are listed below:
STM: NUCLEO H743, NUCLEO L432, NUCLEO F411, Discovery F746, Generic STM32f103 board (aka blue pill)
Espressif : ESP12 and ESP32
Arduino MKRWAN1300
And of course RPi which is also everyone's favorite SBC
Currently working with SONY Spresense
Got one microchip AVR IOT board but haven't used it yet

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January 3, 2019 08:55

My brother bought me an STM32 development board that I am quite excited to play with in the new year. I would like to explore beyond the familiar AVR environment into the world of ARM-core processors which will allow me to develop the heavy lifting algorithms required for more advanced control systems and machine learning. The ability to process a lot of different I/O faster is important for larger projects and the use of Zerynth tools will make IoT integration a lot quicker to prototype on popular and industry standard 32-bit architectures.

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