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Westworld - Androids, programming and the Wild West

(Image source: HBO Canada)

Having never seen the 1973 film version of Westworld, starring Yul Brynner, I caught the trailer for HBO's Westworld on Sky Atlantic and was instantly intrigued. I had no clue what it was about but was curious, so when 9pm on the Tuesday arrived I decided to give it a bash, and WOW my mind was blown!!

So what's it all about?

*spoiler alert*

Westworld focuses on a western ranch style theme park for the rich, where they can act out different scenarios with a variety of different characters. Each day starts the same but ends very differently. It’s a unique experience for thrill-seeking individuals.

Stars of the theme park are a series of "hosts" who are realistic, lifelike androids, programmed to act through a pre-defined storyline until the actions of a human guest changes the plot. The androids can be hurt by the humans but can’t hurt them in return, in fact they can’t hurt a fly......or can they???

(Image source: HBO Canada)

But how are the androids created? What are they made of?

It's easy to forget that the hosts are not real, but behind their very lifelike exterior is a range of synthetic but very advanced organs that copy the same functions as ours. It's because of these organs that every movement looks realistic. Luckily for the "hosts" though, synthetic organs mean that whilst they can be killed on a daily basis, they can never die of natural causes or illness.

Their behaviour is carefully programmed based on a thought-out storyline, and consistently monitored by a team of engineers. This ensures the robots act in a certain way until the equilibrium is changed and the planned storyline affected by human behaviour. Once that happens the "hosts" are able to improvise to allow for a unique experience for the guests. New storylines and behaviours are added and new "hosts" created to continue with the evolution of the amusement park's authenticity.

What if Westworld really existed, would you visit?

I'm not sure what the rest of the series holds but if you're as gripped as me I bet you can’t wait for the finale. For UK based audiences, don't forget to watch Westworld on Sky Atlantic on Tuesday's at 9pm.

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2 Nov 2016, 10:12


November 2, 2016 11:05

Just caught up with this show, and yes I'm old enough to have seen the original film in 73. Actually the new show seems closer to science fact than science fiction. With today's developments in AI, Robotics, bio-engineering and IoT, it won't be long before user Ten22 can visit Westworld.

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November 2, 2016 11:04

I want to go to Westworld!

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