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Weller FlowinSmart Solder Feeder Units – Streamlining Manual Soldering

Those of you who attended Productronica this year will have had the chance to see our latest innovation in the field of manual soldering - The FlowinSmart solder feeder units.

As we prepare to launch the unit on the RS website, we thought we’d talk you through how it can improve your soldering experience.



FlowinSmart units have been designed to help make accurate soldering easier and less time-consuming for electronics manufacturers.

In a unique design, solder wire feeders have been integrated into the iron to ensure a steady flow of solder at a push of a button or optional footswitch, which in turn results in easier, uniform application to joints and increased accuracy during the manual soldering process. 

Key features mean that all operators can achieve right first time, accurate connections to wiring, connectors and switches:

-        A pre-set function allows users to choose the amount of solder required, so that solder arrives in sync with its application – so it’s easy to achieve a fully tinned solder joint.

 -        The feed tube has been designed with a non-stick coating on the inside.  This prevents solder from sticking and enhances the level of control the user has over flow, and accuracy of end results

-        Engineers can easily manoeuvre the units with one hand, the free hand can accurately position wiring or other components, resulting in precise soldering results, even in inaccessible areas.

 -        One handed operation can support those with less dexterity or reduced physical ability.

Improve accuracy by choosing the right sized solder wire and tip, tips should be sized match to the pad or connection you are soldering.



It’s not just about being more accurate.

FlowinSmart’s enhanced features help you save on costs: single-handed soldering, a pre-set function which accurately regulates the solder flow and the non-stick tube coating all contribute to accurate soldering results. As a result, connections from board to component or wire are robust and the need to revisit work is reduced, resulting in lower rework costs.

The FlowinSmart unit can hold a full size 1 KG solder reel, offering hours of continuous work without downtime of changing it out.

The unit also comes with Timer and Pulse modes, giving you control over the method of solder delivery and added flexibility of volume and speed and ensuring smooth delivery of solder to joints.

Integrated start-stop and standby functions on WX versions leads to reduced energy consumption and extends the service life of the heating element and solder tips, fast heat up means no need to have the unit hot if you’re not using it.


The name Weller has been synonymous with innovative soldering solutions since 1959, and FlowinSmart is the just the latest release in a series of new designs. 

For example, the WXSF 120 model is compatible with our WXR3 solder stations, (also featured in a DesignSpark article earlier this year), which comes with traceability functionality and a host of other features to help users save on cost whilst achieving groundbreaking levels of accuracy. 

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The FlowinSmart units are available in 80W or 120W versions and are usable with currently available Weller soldering stations:

The WTSF 80, 80 W solder feeder unit comprising Solder Tip LT B, 2.4mm and an iron with integrated solder feeder and will run on any 80W powered station.

The WTSF 120, 120 W solder feeder unit comprising Solder Tip XT B, 2.4mm and an iron with integrated solder feeder and will run off any Weller unit of 120W or more.

The WXSF 120, 120W 120 W solder feeder unit comprising Solder Tip XT B, 2.4mm and an iron with integrated solder feeder compatible across all of the WX range.

Every tried soldering with one hand behind you back, now you can…

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