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We Can All Be Heroes

Image:  Marvel Studios LLC

As the saying goes, not all superheroes wear capes. In the spring of 2020, superheroes can be found around the world wearing everything from medical scrubs or a delivery uniform to a police officer’s badge. There is an army of brave people out there who are keeping us safe and healthy while we do our part and stay at home.

However, just because we are at home, it doesn’t mean that we can’t play our part in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

US connector manufacturer Samtec has been looking at the ways that engineers can be superheroes in the middle of the current situation.  From Dyson with their ventilator to fashion houses making medical masks, Samtec has noticed that companies around the world are stepping up and making a difference.  Only yesterday, a company called Army Painter who manufacture paint for the scale modelling hobby has re-purposed its facilities to make bottles of hand sanitizer for schools, and they are not alone in finding innovative ways to help out.

Geeks like me love a superhero. Or a whole bunch of superheroes. And you don’t have to look hard to find superheroes these days, in all sorts of costumes.

Read Samtec’s full blog here.

Connector Geek is Dave in real life. With 29 years in the industry, Dave still likes talking about connectors almost as much as being a Dad to his two kids. He still loves Lego too...

9 Apr 2020, 8:07