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Wanted: Conversion assistance


Hi all,

I guess DSM used to have an add-on module that would allow one to save in STEP or IGES format.  That module has since been combined with another and it's prohibitively expensive.  I have a handful of .RSDOC files I need converted to either of those formats.  I would appreciate anyone with a full seat helping me with this.  I have made some prototypes... if I can turn them into a real product, I can probably afford to buy the full package for future work - but for now, the add-on is out of the budget.  

I know someone with SolidWorks who can take in the STL file, but as I understand it, that's not particularly clean.  AND - I don't want to go to his office and re-build all my models.  :)

As an aside, I tried a handful of different 3D packages before I settled on DSM.  Love it - just bummed about the add-on expense.  


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