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12 Jul 2019, 12:27

Trend alert: Slotted trunking goes metric

The adage ‘time is money’ is especially true when building control panels. Fulfilling detailed customer specifications efficiently can be a real challenge. There’s no room for trial and error nowadays. That’s why HellermannTyton’s HelaDuct range of wiring ducts in metric sizes and slotted trunking accessories reflects the feedback from years of collaboration with experienced panel designers.

What have we learned and internalised? Well, above all, metric dimensions provide more ideal wiring duct combinations than DIN sizes. The 80 mm height variants also provide 14 percent more space than the corresponding DIN size.

Details in the product design make the difference

Quality of workmanship engenders trust in the user. That’s why HelaDuct HTWD-PN and HTWD-HF wiring ducts (made from PVC and halogen-free PC/ABS respectively) are precisely engineered. The pre-notched snap-off points enable the finger and wall segments to be removed burr-free to the very base of the duct without the need for special tools. This makes it quick and easy to branch off cables precisely or add channels and wires safely at any required position.

In addition, HelaDuct addresses one of the most common neuralgic points in the design of wiring ducts: the cover that doesn’t stay on tight. HelaDuct covers always hold securely and flush, whether mounted vertically, upside down or under vibration. That applies to the lids of the stiffer halogen-free material, too. Yet, with the right upward hand movement, they can be removed just as easily, even in tight spaces.

Clever accessories keep the wiring in the duct

Annoyingly, wires tend to fall out as soon as the cover is removed during installation or maintenance. That is why HellermannTyton equips the HelaDuct wiring duct range with accessories such as the HTWD-NFWR wire retainer, which can be clicked onto the fingers of the duct walls. Just like the fingers of the trunking itself, they are easy to snap off to the desired length at their predetermined breaking points and hold very securely.  This really simplifies installation and is way more reliable than rubber bands or pieces of wire.

Furthermore, in addition to the usual base perforation, the HellermannTyton PVC ducts also have a patented raised mounting point moulded into the base. HTWD-CTH cable tie holders and HTWD-BWR wire retainers are simple to secure in these holes with a quarter turn of a screwdriver. These special accessories help prevent the cables in the duct from pressing against the inside of the cover or from jumping out as soon as the cover is removed.

Test these metric-sized wiring ducts against your existing slotted trunking and experience the benefits for yourself. Ask your RS sales contact to receive HelaDuct wire retainer accessory samples.

Watch a short video featuring other cable management products for panel building from HellermannTyton.

I like making complicated technology topics accessible.

12 Jul 2019, 12:27