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Vibration solutions from Trelleborg

Leading the way on expert polymer technologies, Trelleborg has a solution for every noise or vibration problem in the industrial field. Over 100 years of experience with globally recognised names Novibra and Metalastik as its foundation for quality. These products are built to last with testing and compliance built in. Designed with precision so your solution can withstand an extended and arduous lifecycle; improving productivity, longevity, cost-effectiveness and health and safety.

Novibra M Mounting

Novibra type M is specifically designed to give large deflection at low loads. Although the mount design allows high deflection, the mountings are compact in weight and easy to install. It’s unique construction and the latest production methods make Novibra type M a high-performance anti-vibration mounting with a number of advantages:

  1. Tight tolerance on dynamic stiffness rates for accurate vibration calculations.
  2. Wide load rating options, 3.5-2500kg.
  3. Corrosion protected to cope with arduous environments on land or marine applications (Fe/ Zn8C2 as per ISO 2081).
  4. Clear and durable product markings so that the mountings can be identified even after several years in operation.

The M-Mounting is ideal for applications involving isolation of low frequency vibration on all planes. Also suitable for shock attenuation due to the designed ability to offer large deflections. Provides passive vibration isolation on electronic instruments, measuring equipment and test cells.



Originally designed for use with marine engines, this compact, low profile mounting is easy to install. It combines three-way control of the suspended equipment, with relatively large static deflections where the rubber is loaded in shear and compression. The design incorporates bump and rebound control features which limit excessive movements under shock loading.

Top metal cover gives protection against oil contamination and protective finish resists corrosion attack. Propeller thrust on marine applications is accommodated. There are four sizes in the standard range with varying degrees of rubber hardness catering for point loads from 32kg to 3,000kg. Natural frequencies as low as 8Hz are possible.

The Cushyfloat™ mounting is a general purpose unit designed to provide effective isolation of vibration and noise arising from both static and mobile equipment including marine/industrial vehicle engines, generator sets, pumps and compressors.



The metacone product range is designed for high-load capacity with relatively large static deflections. The high loading for a given size is achieved by utilising the rubber to best advantage in shear and compression. Typically, the mountings are assembled with overload and rebound washers to control and limit movement of the suspended equipment under shock loads. Centre fixing bolts should be torque tightened to the recommended values.

Their compact fail-safe design is available for a wide range of loadings with, in some cases, alternative fixings. Cut-outs in rubber sections on various sizes provide different vertical/horizontal stiffness ratio.

Applications include:

  1. Off-highway and road vehicle engines
  2. Vehicle cabs
  3. Oil tanks/ tankers
  4. Mobile applications


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