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V 9.0.4 refuses to save a finished project ! How to avoid losing everything?

After years of using DSPCB, I'm now into V9.0.4.
Should I say that it is a disaster.
- Swaps of components between the schematic and the PCB,
- Imaginary nets. -
- Duplicates in auto numbering
- broken files (unknow file format!)
And now after hours struggling to correct all the sillines that the program created, it refuses to save the PCB: "Failed to save the document".

You can guess that I'm quite frustrated.

Is there a way to avoid losing everything?


May 14, 2021 07:23

Thank you for your reply.
The support team was able to retrieve my file.
I have an activation code since V6.

April 19, 2021 08:43

Questions like this that are user or system specific need to be sent to the support team
I'm using v9.0.4 with no issues, from your issues it sounds like your original design file became corrupted, so I suggest sending that with the ticket.
Also check you system is activated from Help-About is there an activation code?

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