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Using WTB2S-2 sensor in Robocon Competition

Engineering students are encouraged to take part in a variety of external competitions such as the Robocon Hong Kong Contest outside their regular curriculum, where they can apply what they learn, develop skills in various aspects, and widen their global perspectives. One such popular external competition is the Robocon Hong Kong Contest since 2004. To benefit more students from the new learning experience, the Robocon Team, now called the HKUST Robotics Team, has been expanded in 2010. The Robotics Team members will represent the HKUST to participate in major events namely the Robocon Contest, the Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) competition, the Smart Car Competition and the NAO RoboCup. Besides robotics competition, the Robotics team would like to encourage students to explore in other areas. We have also taken part in various of presentation competitions and entrepreneur competitions in order to encourage students to become excellent leaders.

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