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8 Apr 2019, 14:15

Using Thermal imagers for electrical maintenance inspections - Testo 868 and Testo 872

The main task of electrical inspections with a thermal imager is to find anomalies such as defective electrical connections or overload on wires, components and switchboards.Energy loss, unscheduled and costly system downtimes can be prevented to a large extent by regularly checking electrical installations and mechanical components with an infrared camera.

Carrying out a thermographic inspection a second time reduces a system's rate of failure by around 80 percent and provides an added safeguard against fire.

Testo cameras offer measurement features to conduct your electrical inspections quickly and easily, as shown in the video below:  

The video shows some of the key features of the Testo thermal imager range including:

  • Testo SuperResolution technology inside the testo 865, 868, 871 and testo 872 thermal imagers allows you to detect faults and anomalies quicker and easier, by offering four times more pixels and a geometric resolution which is improved by a factor of 1.6. Consequently, a 160 x 120 pixel (testo 865 and testo 868) resolution image will be turned into a professional-size 320 x 240 pixels, while a 320 x 240 pixels image (testo 872) will become a truly high-end 640 x 480 pixels infrared image.
  • To prevent measurement errors and in particular of smaller objects, the IFOV (Instantaneous Field Of View) indicator automatically shows the measurement spot size on the thermal image as shown below:
  • The Delta T function allows temperature values from two measuring points of choice to be directly compared with each other and the differential temperature to be read. 
  • Testo 871 and testo 872 thermal cameras can be connected to the testo 770-3 clamp meter adapter (905-5898) .  Load value is transferred to the camera via Bluetooth and displayed on the screen as well as in the thermal image.     
  • Testo Thermography App - The free testo Thermography App (available on Google Play or iTunes) allows you to work remotely, using a smartphone or tablet to change settings and as a second display. Additional analysis as well as compiling reports can be done on-site, and subsequently saved and sent to peers or customers. (testo 868, 871 and 872).
  • The Testo IRSoft is a licence-free reporting software with numerous measurement and format options, allowing the inspector to compile a clear and comprehensive report.

Thermal images show customers and clients the exact problem and prove to them that the problem has been repaired correctly. This evidence adds value to the contractor’s skill and expertise thus expanding their range of services.   

Maintaining electrical installations thanks to infrared thermography saves energy resources, time, money and finally provides a rapid return of investment on the camera.


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8 Apr 2019, 14:15