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Using an Arduino in a Production environment

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March 17, 2013 13:25

I discovered a solution which was very simple - it had to be "revealed" though first.

1. In the PCB design screen, just drag the mouse around entire design layout then copy and paste as many as you can fit
2. Try to align the layouts together as much as possible, but leaving spacing between layouts for manual or CNC cut-outs
3. Do a test PDF output print with paper before the final print with transparencies. if you have selected "bottom copper" only, it will only print the that on all the layouts. --- a mini production run is awaiting you

Note: you can also open other PCB layout designs and integrate them onto one sheet.

have fun...


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March 11, 2013 14:59

How can I place multiple pcb layouts (gerber files) onto one output print sheet?. I'm using the photo-resist process and would like to flash several images at once?

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