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Owner/Manager | Riverina Spatial Services

Its hard to tick boxes above as I have wide ranging interests, Historically Ivé been into PLC's and associated control methods; I am now into internet robotics and power control. Add digital photography and video and tying all this togetrher using networking pretty well rounds out my profile. I have the start of a robot which stemmed from a fox-buggy - a small manually controlled camera platform which would have went down a fox burrow so Reynard could be found with dog and shovel. Having recently completed my IT quals I have redirected my attentions elsewhere. Millions are spent on doing what I can do sub $1000 - all you need is legit access to a wireless access point. The Raspberry Pi sounds like it will be able to do much more than the original idea which was based on the WebServerInaBox by Silicon Chip. The website needs work, as I haven't used since my IT study days last year due to pressing family commitments, which won't last for ever...

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