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Peter Dallimore

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Technical Writer | Peter Dallimore

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Peter Dallimore

Internet of Things

1 week ago

Choosing a cloud platform for your IoT devices

It’s easier than ever to build smart sensors using modules created for prototyping IoT devices. You can easily connect them to a mobile device and view information from the sensors in various ways. But what if you want to do more with the data?

Peter Dallimore

Open Source

4 months ago

Open Source – Leading to Bigger Leaps in Innovation

How do companies monetise products based on open-source building blocks, and how does open source itself hark back to the 19th century?

Peter Dallimore

Electronics Design

6 months ago

SiC MOSFET Gate-Driver Design for Best Efficiency and Reliability

If you’re designing a high-performance power supply or inverter, SiC power transistors offer important advantages over silicon devices, but place more exacting demands on gate-drive circuitry. What are the demands, and how can they be satisfied?