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Marcus Tuchel

United Kingdom

Mechanical Engineering Student | University of Southampton

I am a Mechanical Engineering Student at the University of Southampton with an interest to pursue research into energy storage systems as a career.

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Marcus Tuchel


2 months ago

University of Southampton team go for gold at Eurobot 2020

Eurobot is a mechatronics competition founded in 1998. The aim is to build autonomous robots which compete against each other in a timed pick and place exercise. This article details the initial stages of an entry into the 2020 competition.

Marcus Tuchel


8 months ago

RS Sponsored International Robotics Competition Entry

Eurobot is an exciting robotics competition founded in 1998. The objective of the competition is to build autonomous robots to complete numerous tasks on a set course. This article details a student entry into the 2019 edition of Eurobot.