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David Hannaby

United Kingdom

Product Manager | Sick UK Ltd

David Hannaby is Product Manager at SICK UK Ltd for the Presence Detection. David is responsible for marketing and support activities relating to photoelectric, capacitive, inductive, magnetic, registration sensors and lightgrids. After graduating from Birmingham Polytechnic in 1990, David worked with Transputer based parallel processing systems. One of the more successful applications to come out of this field was high performance imaging and David developed a career in industrial Inspection. By 1998 David was Sales Director at Image Industries, a leading UK vision inspection company. He joined SICK UK Ltd in 2004 when the company introduced their first vision sensors and 3D vision systems before heading up the Presence Detection team for SICK UK.

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David Hannaby

Industry 4.0

2 years ago

Contamination alarms for Inductive proximity sensors

Even the simple inductive proximity sensor is becoming smart. This short video shows how the extra data we now get from a SICK IMC inductive sensor can prevent unplanned downtime due to contamination.

David Hannaby

Industry 4.0

4 years ago

Smart Sensors and IO Link delivers Industry 4.0

Making Sense of Industry 4.0 – Advice from the Front Line EVERYBODY’s talking about Industry 4.0 but how many of us are clear about what it means on a practical day-to-day level and what steps we should take to get have a Smart Factory?

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