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USB Type-C alternate mode

I have a control unit that consists of an MCU, flash memory, buttons, LEDs. It is 3.3V powered and it has a battery.
I also have a separate PCB with an accelerometer (called sensor board). The control unit and sensor board are communicating using SPI. I need a connection cable to connect those two PCBs and also a port on the control unit to recharge the battery and to transfer some data from flash to PC. My idea was to solder a cable to the sensor board PCB and to put a USB Type-C connector on the other part of the cable. The control unit should have USB Type-C controller that should be able for alternate mode. This way I hope that I can use SPI 3.3V signal on USB-C cable.
The other benefit of this is when you want to recharge the control unit and you connect an USB Type-C cable to computer (on the same port where you connected the sensor board earlier). It should detect that is a charging cable and charge the battery and transfer some data to PC.  

ON Semiconductor recommended me to use FUSB302 for this, but we will also need an UART to USB interface and maybe a multiplexer. I am trying to have a look for chips that can do all those things and to put in place a BOM to test.

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