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Updating Node-RED on IOT2020


I have followed the video letter for letter in regards to updating Node-RED.

The video is out of date is seems and the process doesnt work.

Ive managed to get Node-RED upated but in the process a Nodejs is out of date. A warning appears...

Using an unsupported version of Node.js
You should upgrade to the latest Node.js LTS release

To manage Node ersion have installed n as

npm cache clean -f
npm install -g n

But, running it result in ...

root@iot2000:~#n lts
  Error: no version found for 'lts'

root@iot2000:~# n ls
find: '/usr/local/n/versions': No such file or directory

So it seems that Node is located somewhere non-standard?

Node-RED has reached Version 1 - stable production version.
However the SD image is very out of date resulting in the need to manually update and hence all the problems.

Is it possible for a new SD image to be released with Node-RED to version 1 ????

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