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Unemployed Robot Wars Judge looking for work ...

I am an inventor, engineer, writer and presenter. Other stuff: Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Engineering: Creativity and Communication at Brunel University London; Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and have a PhD in bubbles; Judge on BBC Robot Wars.


April 12, 2018 07:48

Robot Wars was a family event at our house and other would come over to visit on those nights. Just like playing Rock-Paper-Scissors, you know the rules of which you throw out will win or lose, I enjoyed the seeing different battle method's pitched against others to learn which most likely would prevail. I wish they would have had the time to explain how & why the builders selected their type of motors and actuators. For the intellectual side of robot entertainment I enjoyed another program that pitched an obstical course biased on time was entertaining.

March 28, 2018 08:15

The BBC never treated the rebirth properly anyway. After the success of fellow BBC axing Red Dwarf on Dave, perhaps the Beeb isn’t the obvious place for the show’s success? Maybe Dave or Challenge is? Stripped back to its original design, and with Craig Charles actually asked to present this time!

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March 28, 2018 08:14

Yes, it was good but a bit like 'Top Gear' I think it had run its course ? A bit over-egged flash, bang, wallop & whizz to my liking and poorly edited photography that made it difficult to follow. I did find that the interviews of the roboteers were interesting. Maybe time for some new ideas in 'tech' TV shows. I liked the recent programmes on the hack space problem solvers. Any other ideas from anyone ?

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March 22, 2018 14:21

Hope that Robot Wars gets picked up by another network somewhere in the future. It's a great introduction for people of all ages in what's possible through engineering, and so accessible!

March 22, 2018 14:08

I really can't understand what the Beeb could be thinking of replacing it with, that could be as effective at inspiring children's interest in engineering...
I also feel sorry for teams in the process of creating bots for what was to be the next series.... DeadlockRW, have invested lots of time, energy and money in creating a serious contender, which will now probably never see combat...

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