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Unboxing Renesas RL78/G23 Fast Prototyping Board

In this episode, Kamilla is unboxing RL78/G23 Fast Prototyping Board (217-4407) from Renesas Electronics for evaluating a new generation of the RL78 16-bit general-purpose microcontrollers.

Before we jump to the specifics of the board, here are some of the reasons why you should consider RL78/G23 MCU for your next design.

  • The RL78/G23 demonstrates enhanced power performance compared previous generations of RL78 microcontrollers.
  • New, optimized semiconductor process technology reduces power consumption
  • The new SNOOSE Mode Sequencer (SMS) function further enables low power operation. When the sequencer is running, processes can be executed, and all peripherals can be accessed even when CPU is still sleeping. This allows saving the average system power consumption.
  • Compatible with existing RL78 MCUs, scalable from 30 to 128 pins
  • Integrates security functions, TRNG, Unique, Customer ID
  • Capacitive touch sensing


Fast Prototyping Board

RL78/G23 FPB - board layout

RL78/G23 FPB - board layout


  • Part No.: R7F100GLG2DFB
  • Package: 64-pin LFQFP
  • On-chip memory: 128-KB ROM, 16-KB RAM, 8-KB data flash memory
  • MCU Headers: 19 pins x 1, 16 pins x 1


USB-to-serial converter

  • Used as the interface with the RL78 COM port debug tool: FT232RQ from FTDI x 1


Powering options

  • USB connector: VBUS (5 V) or 3.3 V (default)
  • External power supply: 1.6 V to 5.5 V
  • DC jack: 7 V to 12 V


E2 Emulator

  • 14-pin connector for connecting an E2 emulator or E2 emulator Lite (not mounted)


Arduio Uno R3 + Grove interfaces

  • The interfaces are compatible with the Arduino™ UNO R3 board: 6 pins x 1, 8 pins x 2, 10 pins x 1
  • Interface for Grove modules (not mounted)


Other peripherals

  • Reset switch x 1
  • User switch x 1
  • LEDs
  • Power indicator: green x 1
  • User: green x 2



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