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Unboxing EK-RA2L1 Eval Kit from Renesas Electronics


Welcome to another DesignSpark unboxing video where we will be focusing on the EK-RA2L1 Evaluation kit (210-5556) for RA2L1 MCUs from Renesas Electronics. The kit is ideal for cost-sensitive, low power embedded applications.

Key features of the EK-RA2L1 include:

MCU Native Pin Access

  • R7FA2L1AB2DFP MCU (referred to as RA MCU)
  • 48 MHz, Arm® Cortex®-M23 core
  • 256 kB Code Flash, 32 kB SRAM
  • 100 pins, LQFP package
  • Native pin access through 1 x 40-pin and 3 x 20-pin male headers
  • MCU current measurement points for precision current consumption measurement
  • Multiple clock sources – Low-precision clocks are available internal to the RA MCU.
  • Internal MCU DC-DC power option

System Control and Ecosystem Access

  • Two 5 V input sources
    • USB (Debug)
    • External power supply (using surface mount clamp test points and power input vias)
  • Three Debug modes
    • Debug on-board (SWD)
    • Debug in (ETM, SWD, and JTAG)
    • Debug out (SWD)
  • User LEDs and buttons
    • Three User LEDs (red, blue, green)
    • Power LED (white) indicating the availability of regulated power
    • Debug LED (yellow) indicating the debug connection
    • Two User buttons
    • One Reset button
  • Five most popular ecosystems expansions
    • 2 Seeed Grove® system connectors (I2C / Analog)
    • SparkFun® Qwiic® connector
    • 2 Digilent Pmod™ (SPI and UART) connectors
    • Arduino™ (Uno R3) connector
    • MikroElektronika™ mikroBUS connector
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