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Trying to move DS Mechanical (Explorer) to another PC


I got a new computer and want to migrate DS Mechanical (and DS PCB) from my old computer to the new one. My subscription is the free Explorer.

I had versions of DSM on two computers and uninstalled both.

When trying to install DSM 6.0.2 on the new computer, I get the message... 

"DesignSpark Mechanical has encountered a license error: This license has already been ransferred the maximum number of times."

If I got the paid Creator subscription, could I install DSM on the new computer?

After a month or so, could I go back to the free Explorer subscription and have DSM continue to work? (I understand that there will be slightly reduced function.)

Also hope to do the same thing with DS PCB.

(Existing posts did not seem to resolve my problem.)

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