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Traco Power TPP450 AC-DC power supply for medical device development

In this short video, we power up a couple of power supplies from Traco Power in Switzerland and watch some of the things they can do. One supply is an open frame model in a power-dense 3x5-inch footprint. The other is enclosed. We’ve powered up the open-frame model and set it up with a dummy load to get a feel for how it performs. The open frame version we’ve powered up also has the ability to run a 12-volt fan via a fan connection available on an auxiliary connector.

Check out this amazing product introduction video by EEWorld

I had the pleasure to work more than a decade in the medical device industry (Femtosecond lasers for eye surgery and endoscopy). In my position as product development manager I help to “translate” the requirements (and wishes) of both, engineering & health care professionals, to my system/Software engineering colleagues. At TRACO Power (a leading company for power conversion products), me and my team are responsible for product management, marketing and communication.

22 Oct 2019, 14:06