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5 Jan 2017, 13:18

Top 5 list – DesignSpark Mechanical software user tutorials

DesignSpark Mechanical was launched with the objective of putting computer aided 3D CAD modelling in the hands of every engineer, enabling them to quickly create physical prototypes of their ideas without the barrier of specialised CAD training.

Here, we round up some of the best received and helpful demos/video tutorials for DesignSpark Mechanical created by actual users of our software and available on YouTube, right now:

1. The Best Free CAD Program - DesignSpark Mechanical
Creator: Christopher Hoffman – Hoffman Engineering

Why watch? Chris talks you through a design example and provides quick tips/tricks to make the most out of the intuitiveness and power of our 3D CAD software.


2. 3D Modeling with DesignSpark Mechanical
Creator: Steve Edwards - Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Why watch? The DPRG hosts a live workshop at the Dallas MakerSpace to train users in DesignSpark Mechanical. At 2 hours long, this video is ideal for users who would like to deep dive into the software features and create very advanced designs.


3. The MakerHive DesignSpark Mechanical - ZERO TO HERO - EPISODE 1
Creator: Jim Spencer – The MakerHive

Why watch? Jim runs viewers through the nitty gritty of the DSM user interface and light 3D CAD modelling. Jim is a dedicated user of the software and has designed and built an RC QuadCopter with it !


4. DesignSpark Luke's Lightsaber ROTJ CAD Tutorial
Creator: thatOtherScienceGuy

Why watch? This is one of a series of tutorial videos with the educator helping his students become more familiar with DSM. This video features one of the most popular Sci-Fi objects just to make 3D designing even more fun!


5. 3D printing - How to make Gears the easy way with DesignSpark Mechanical
Creator: SgaboLab

Why watch? The video creator shows you how to make a ‘gear’, the litmus test for ease-of-use 3D CAD modelling software. He also provides further design tips to make life easier for beginners in DSM. Take a look at this and several other of his maker styled videos for inspiration!

A curious mind with a passion for 3D CAD & rapid prototyping. Working towards improving the DesignSpark Mechanical software at RS, add-in for SolidWorks 3D among other projects.

5 Jan 2017, 13:18