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21 Oct 2011, 5:51

Tokia University solar car team has won the 2011 World Solar Challenge in Australia 2011

RS Components are proud sponsors of this years winners of the World Class Solar Car Race.

Tokai university solar car team just won the world solar challenge in Australia which was held in Australia from Oct 16th to 23th.This is their secound successive victory at the World solar challenge. Total of running distance reached 3000km from Darwin to Adelaide and four days.

Despite being in the fifth place in the qualifying round, the Tokai University team started off in leading position since the start of the championship and continued to maintain its leading position for the rest of the race.

Tokai University solar car was equipped with Panasonic's solar cells are also used for the roofs of houses and Toray carbon fiber materials was supplied for the body.

In that two consecutive wins, they are truly the high-tech car team in the world.


Tokia University solar car 3

Tokia University solar car 2





















Below is a short video about the event that features the car

 Please check the article beneath. 
●Official site of Global green challenge:
●Panasonic site(main sponsored):

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21 Oct 2011, 5:51