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Are there any add  in tools for helping with thread creation?  I'm struggling to get a thread to cut at all.  I'm sure it's me misunderstanding the steps I can find on YouTube, (which have no commentary and aren't very explanatory, but this is a huge area that could be upgraded.

It seems you need to have in depth knowledge of pitch, depth and angles to cut a simple thread.  I'm sure options somewhere to select an object and choose a popular thread wouldn't be too difficult to include.

Anyway, for now, could someone point me to a thread cutting tutorial that makes sense and describes what's going on?



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October 25, 2017 09:55

This link my help.
The thing to remember is the 'Pitch' of the thread. once you draw this you will need to increase the vertical edge so the thread will overlap, as shown in the link.

Use the correct size from the other link. All chamfers can be applied after the thread is cut.

Once this 1mm 'Pitch' thread has been made it can be used as a Template. Just Pull the model with the 'Scale' option to the pitch you want.

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