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Creating Drumless - Thinking About UX - Single Button User Interface

Designing a reliable and intuitive single push-button user interface for a production-ready device is a challenging task. This article provides an easily integrable reference design and a sample Arduino code.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
4 KEMET, 0603 (1608M) 1μF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 10V dc ±10% , SMD C0603C105K8PACTU 461-2708
1 KEMET, 0603 (1608M) 100nF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 16V dc ±10% , SMD C0603C104K4RACTU 264-4630
1 JST, PH, S2B, 2 Way, 1 Row, Right Angle PCB Header 820-1494
1 Molex, C-Grid III, 90120, 4 Way, 1 Row, Straight Pin Header 360-6314
1 Res SMD 0603 0.1% 0.10W T.C.10ppm 10K 182-9211
1 IP40 Black Button Tactile Switch, Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) 50 mA 3.5 (Dia.)mm Surface Mount 135-9400
1 STMicroelectronics LD39015M33R, LDO Regulator, 150mA, 3.3 V, ±2% 5-Pin, SOT-23 795-8965
1 STMicroelectronics, STM6601CM2DDM6F 189-2069
I have a BEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence. I like to combine knowledge from both fields in my work. In short, I make computers walk, talk, hear, see and understand.

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