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September 13, 2018 12:57

Thermostat for heated enclosure

Hi, I was thinking of making a thermostat for the heated 3D printer enclosure that I am building. In the past I have had issues with ABS 3D models curling up on the edges, due, I think to unequal temperature distribution over the print bed.

I want to keep the enclosure at a constant temperature, using a normal incandescent light globe. In the past my (now deceased) father used to keep the honey that he produced, warm and flowing easily, using a similar method, but he used the thermostat from an old hot water service to control the temperature by switching the globe on and off as required to maintain a constant temperature.

Times have moved on, and I was thinking that I would use a solid state relay to do the switching of the 240v lamp and a thermistor to sense the temperature of the enclosure.

I was wondering if there is a relatively simple circuit to do this? I can of course use google to search, but I have been a little overwhelmed by the number of results and possibilities with which I am presented.

Thanks in advance for your help



September 14, 2018 09:39

Your fathers design is a good method, another used by home wine and beer makers is a lamp controlled by a tropical fish tank thermostat so don't rule out the 'old' technology!
RS also sell a low cost thermostat both electronic and contact
If you want to make one, obviously you need to consider mains voltage and safety!
Some good simple analogue examples are here:

Then there are all the digital possibilities using a microcontroller reading a sensor and driving a relay....

Hope the above gets you started

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