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There is a problem registering DesignSpark Mechanical (This license has already been transferred the maximum number of times)


I have a new laptop and installed DesignSpark Mechanical.
When I start, it gives me the message (in dutch) 'Er is tijdens het registreren een probleem opgetreden in DesignSpark Mechanical'.
I have options Yes and No, No closes it and Yes brings me to a login screen where I can enter email/username and password. After submitting I return to the same message.
There are no files written in the AppData\SpaceClaims folder so no logging either.

Is this because I'm using Explorer and it thinks that I'm still using it on my old computer (that crashed so I can't do a thing with that).

Any help is appreciated.

I found that the files are not in AppData\local\SpaceClaim but in AppData\roaming\SpaceClaim and this is in the lofile

LS Check failed: This license has already been transferred the maximum number of times.
######### Closing log file - 11-9-2023 18:46:47 (exit code: LicenseFailure)

Is it so difficult to show that in the message?

So how can I have this reset?

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