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The sound of Red Pitaya

Red Pitaya is a very powerful device. It can function as some laboratory equipments. But now, the Red Pitaya can also be used besides the research aspect.

I have used the Red Pitaya to acts as a guitar effect pedal. The tool used is the LTI DSP Workbench in the Red Pitaya Bazzar

Although only a distortion effect was carried out, more effect can be done by Red Pitaya users who are interested in music and Red Pitaya.

Here is the demonstration. It shows all the parameters value of the effect

If you want to try with this effect, you can set the parameters as the following values:

b0:   40

b1:   12

b2:   5

b3:   3

b4:   3

b5:   2

a1:   -0.75

a2:   0.22

a3:   0.23

a4:   -0.05

a5:   -0.05

Hope all of you can share the fun and joy of using Red Pitaya

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4 Aug 2014, 4:34