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ZPT: The Simple Solution to Remote Control Integration

RF Solutions has added a brand new, user-friendly telemetry module to their diverse range. Designed specifically to allow simple integration of remote control functions, the ZPT Smart Radio Telemetry Module (125-1244) could just be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Compatible with many RF Solutions transmitters, the ZPT provides a serial and digital output when the transmitter is operated. It is ideal for applications including sensors, I/O telemetry devices, remote switching and remote traffic lights.

This article explores the main features of the ZPT module along with its compatible components from the RF Solutions range and serial data output information.


Main Features

  • 4 Channel receiver module
  • 4 Digital outputs
  • Serial data output
  • Secure data protocol
  • Ultra low power 1.8-3.6v
  • Easy pairing process
  • -121dBm receive sensitivity
  • SMT or SIL package

Compatible transmitters

The ZPT module can be used with the transmitters below. The transmitter handset will affect the maximum achievable range of operation. 

FOBBER Keyfob (125-8176) A compact, rugged handset with 1-8 button options, operating up to 150m.

TRAP Handset: A medium-sized rugged handset with 1-16 button options, operating up to 1 channel


SABRE Handset (793-4430) A large industrial handset with 1-8 button options, operating up to 2km.

Operation Overview

The ZPT module with remain in a low power, the listening mode at all times when power is present and the Sleep Input is Low. When a valid RF signal is received, ZPT will wake and process the RF packet. If the received packet is from a transmitter that has been paired to the ZPT module, the digital telemetry outputs are asserted accordingly. The RF data packet is always presented at the serial data output to the host.


ZPT Reciever module serial data output

The ZPT outputs the serial number, button and battery status of the transmitter encoder. This data may be fed directly to a microcontroller or RS232 type driver circuit which may then be fed directly to a PC serial port. Serial data is output on every single packet receipt - this equates to every 1/4 second whilst a button is held down/ input active. This data output is valid regardless of whether the Transmitter/ Encoder has been learnt or not. The serial data packet contains a learn bit to show if an encoder input is learnt. 

Serial data configuration:

Baud Rate: 19,200

Data Bits: 8

Parity: none

Stop Bits: 1

Handshaking: none


Serial data format:


 ZPT example application circuit:



This shows a ZPT module receiver with all 4 outputs connected. Note: The external learn switch and learn LED are both shown connected in this example.


ZPT connected with Serial Data output via MAX232:


The ZPT Module is due for release early 2018. For more information, please contact RF Solutions on 01444 227900 or email 

RF Solutions produce quality components and systems that utilise the latest RF technology to create practical solutions for a range of applications. We also offer a variety of bespoke services with friendly, dedicated customer support.

30 Jan 2018, 15:15