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The new generation of LEMO connectors

Swiss connector manufacturer LEMO has been making high quality circular connectors for nearly 60 years, so they know a thing or two about how to combine high performance, reliability and compact size in a single package. With the T series, they have distilled decades of experience into a new, slimline waterproof connector.


LEMO push-pull connectors have been in use for over half a century, and the fundamental operating mechanism hasn't changed in all that time. LEMO connectors are designed to latch when pushed in to the socket, and the only way to disconnect the plug is to pull on the latch-sleeve, which releases the mechanism.

This rapid but secure push-pull system has been at the heart of LEMO designs since the start, and it offers a number of key benefits to the user. The slimline circular design of LEMO connectors, combined with their push-pull action, allows a high density of connectors to be mounted in close proximity in a way that traditional screw-coupling or bayonet connectors do not. This picture demonstrates this perfectly - where space is at a premium, LEMO connectors offer a real advantage.


The circular push-pull design of the connector also makes for very simple operation, with a clearly audible click providing positive feedback of a secure connection. As a result, LEMO connectors are ideal for use in restricted spaces that would render a screw-coupling connector almost impossible to mate. This technology is combined with screw-machined contacts and high-quality materials, resulting in a truly professional quality product. 

These features have made LEMO one of the leading connector suppliers for a huge range of industries. From Formula 1 racing and aerospace to medical instrumentation and nuclear research, the chances are good that you have been within metres of a LEMO connector without knowing it.

LEMO have recently taken this experience a step further and introduced the T series. This product takes the push-pull design that LEMO have perfected over the years, and adds an inner sleeve to the design which, when combined with O-rings, seals the connector to prevent penetration of solids or liquids. This series is watertight when mated to give a protection index of IP68 as per IEC 60529 standard. At the same time, the T series offers all of the features that have made LEMO connectors so successful: 360° EMC shielding, secure cable mounting, high contact counts, excellent current capability and ease of use. Finally, due to the clever design of the T series, the sockets are the same size as the traditional LEMO B series. This means that they fit into existing enclosures, reducing the impact of switching to this new technology. The T series plugs can even be mated to existing B series sockets to make the transition to the new design even easier.


T series connectors are the latest generation of connectors from LEMO. To learn more about this new series and its potential applications, click the picture above to download the catalogue. The T series is available now from RS Components. Click on the button below to start buying.


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1 Jun 2015, 14:24