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16 Nov 2018, 10:09

The Inventapod - Keeping You In Your Place!

The DesignSpark Marketplace was created to help all those creative sorts out there, professional or otherwise, get their products out into the market as easily as possible with zero fees. Whether you are a professional or not it doesn’t matter here at the DesignSpark Marketplace! All you need to do is be a member of DesignSpark to be able to list your items and buy from others, that’s it! Product payments can be via Paypal or credit cards and are between you and the seller/buyer.

Keeping things in check

One of the latest products to hit the DesignSpark Marketplace shelves is the Inventapod. This clever product is for those of us who are perhaps a little messy when it comes to tinkering, spreading all manner of components across the dining room table or the coffee table or even worse the living room carpet! (Guilty your honour!)

A place to call your own

The Inventapod gives you a little place to call your own when all around you is chaos, turning your tabletop into a micro-workshop where you can experiment with robotics, the IoT, or even construction sets like Lego! And, when you have finished experimenting, this handy portable workshop packs away neatly for convenient storage.

The Inventapod Features:

  • Easy to move using the built-in handles
  • Slotted aluminium frame construction
  • Laser cut acrylic sheet panels
  • Child safe – no nasty sharp edges
  • Easily customisable, fix your own components using M4 Screws and T-Nuts
  • Front and top walls are magnetically coupled, easy and fast to open and close
  • Easy to stow away
  • Includes a UK power board with a 2-metre cable for convenience
  • Dimensions 550x270x380mm
  • Includes 4 storage containers


Click here to learn More about and buy the Inventapod


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16 Nov 2018, 10:09