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18 Dec 2018, 9:05

The Hirose EF1 Series - In-line Power Connection Made Easy

As industrial designs become ever more sophisticated, so demand continues to grow for versatile connectors that deliver stable connection, fast, easy installation and high performance. HIROSE designed their new EF1 in-line power connectors to offer all the versatility required of higher performing power connectors for industrial applications such as medical devices, battery management and robotics.

Easy Mounting

The series can be attached to a rail or a panel and offers a DIN rail mount type in-line receptacle plug and a panel mount type in-line receptacle and plug which both accept high power crimp contacts with the capacity to handle up to 160A (amps) current rating.

The EF1 series’ innovative design allows crimped cables to be inserted into the connector housing in a quick one-step operation and the crimp contact can be easily terminated to the cable with a standard market commodity JIS C 9711 hand tool.

Right-first-time connectivity you can rely on

The fact that it’s easy to insert and terminate wires doesn’t reduce reliability levels. A snap-in lock provides a positive tactile sensation to confirm correct mating engagement and secure connection, and the internal spring contact and contact points have a unique shape which allows the optimum contact force to retain reliable stable connection.

Finally, the EF1 Series housing features four different mating keying styles to prevent mating errors when multiple connectors are used. The connectors are available in a red colour to define the plus or minus connection.

Key Features summarised:

  • Contact positions: 1
  • Current rating: 160A (max)
  • Voltage rating: AC/DC 1000V
  • Operating temperature: -25°C - +105°C
  • Mating cycles: 30
  • Type: In-line

The full Hirose EF1 series is available direct from stock from RS Components - click here to see the full range.

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18 Dec 2018, 9:05