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Compass Hat

In The Engineering Edge Podcast episode "The everyday tech giving humans a sixth sense" I learnt about the Navibelt - a compass belt that assists blind people. I wanted to try and make something similar for myself ...

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 Adafruit Haptic Motor Controller Board 124-5480
1 Seeed Studio 316040001 Mini Vibration Motor for Multipurpose 184-5122
1 Slide switch,SP on-off-on PC thru-hole 734-7334
1 ADAFRUIT Circuit Playground Classic MCU Development Board 3000 124-5504
1 ADAFRUIT INDUSTRIES 1059 GPS Module 905-4637
I am an inventor, engineer, writer and presenter. Other stuff: Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Engineering: Creativity and Communication at Brunel University London; Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and have a PhD in bubbles; Judge on BBC Robot Wars.

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