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Siemens, RS and Massimo Banzi present the easiest way to start with IIoT


Siemens and RS have joined forces to bring a new Industrial IoT device to the market called IOT2020, which supports engineers, makers, and designers of the future, in light of the fact that by 2020 there will be more than 10 billion devices connected to the internet. 

RS has been part of this exciting project since the earliest stage and have the responsibility of distributing the product worldwide. Siemens, making use of the extensive RS expertise in serving both Electronic and Industrial customers, developed this new device to be compatible with the most common open-source solutions and especially with Arduino, the most famous prototyping platform to create interactive electronic solutions.

This new platform will help students, makers and young developers in the transition from simple IoT projects and prototypes to entry-level industrial applications. It also intends to become a valuable tool for university laboratories and academic environments active in the field of electronics and automation.

The compatibility with the Arduino IDE and Arduino shields will allow makers and students to immediately start fast prototyping and testing industrial IoT applications by using their existing code and shields; moreover, it will potentially open up the opportunity to develop a new series of industrial grade shields.

The product was launched on October 14th at the Rome Maker Faire, the most important European event for the makers scene.


Read all about Simatic IOT2020 here





October 14, 2016 11:18

Sounds good :) looking forward to new toy :)

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