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Testo 869 Thermal Imager. Small in price. Big in function.


New high-quality thermal imager testo 869 at an affordable price for every contractor.

Professional technology at a low price makes testo AG's new thermal imager testo 869 the ideal tool for fast checks on site. The thermal imager testo 869 stands out not only due to its easy and user-friendly handling, but convinces above all by its high level of image quality with a precise resolution for clear and correct measurement results.

The heart of the new thermal imager testo 869 is a high-quality detector with 160 x 120 pixels. That makes 19,200 individual temperature measurement points which never miss an anomaly.

testo 869

The smallest temperature differences are made visible thanks to a thermal resolution of less than 120 mK or 0.121 °C.

The testo 869 fits well into your hand and can be easily and intuitively operated. This allows heating and air conditioning/ventilation installations, building walls or electrical switching cabinets, for example, to be tested quickly and easily. The product is designed for practical use and is based on the proven product series testo 870 which was honoured with the German Design Award 2016.

RS Item number 922-4823    testo 869 Thermal imager

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