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Testing the Souriau UTL to Extremes

How are IP ratings tested? They have become a familiar measure of how well components will perform in certain environments, and IP ratings have become a convenient shorthand for many engineers. But what does IP69K actually look like? With the help of Souriau-Sunbank ECT and their UTL connector series, we'll take a look.


The UTL Series connector from Souriau is the latest in the well-established Trim-Trio family of connectors. The Trim-Trio has evolved over many years into a complete connector system, utilising a common range of contacts, that allows engineers a range of connectors that use tried and trusted technology. The Trim Trio has been adopted widely across a very diverse range of industries, from Oil and Gas to transportation and medical to renewable energy.

The UTL has been developed specifically as a power supply connector for use in some of the harshest environments. It has been designed with three key features:

  • IP69K Environmental Protection
  • UV Resistance for outdoor installation
  • Full UL and IEC compliance for power

It has already found opportunities in the lighting, power, and building automation markets. The IP69K rating applied to the UTL Series is of critical importance in many of these applications where equipment will be exposed to the elements. But how is this IP69K rating achieved?

Souriau published this video that shows a mated pair of UTL connectors being tested to the IP69K standard, and it gives you a very clear idea of the kind of conditions that the UTL can withstand. 

Take a look at the Souriau UTL Series, available now from RS Components, and see how this extreme testing can give you a performance advantage in your next design.


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10 Mar 2016, 10:41