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Team DesignSpark wants you!!

Are you an innovative thinker with a passion for engineering?













Here at DesignSpark our moto is simple; bring Innovation to every engineer.

As a Community Manager you will be responsible for working with our vast community of engineers to help give them the inspiration they require. Lead the technological evolution by keeping track of early stage product concepts, develop the DesignSpark site to make it collaborative and user friendly, meet with engineers like yourself at events and Hackathons.

Check out some of the cool projects our Community Managers have been involved in already;

Superman Space Travel

Daedalus - Human flight using jet-engine suit



Building an Engineers Playground at Electronica

So if you're looking for a job where you can let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of advanced technology, then join us today and help us engineer the future.


I'm a Formula 1 enthusiast with a passion for electronics and technology. Also a marketing professional working in #TeamDS

22 May 2017, 7:52