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TE Connectivity’s ENTRELEC SNK Series is put to the test

In anticipation of a series of forthcoming Articles from Connector Geek himself, where he will cover the aspects of design, installation, application, testing, and maintenance amongst others, we have discovered a few fun challenges that Connector Geek may overlook.

TE Connectivity’s ENTRELEC SNK Series is put to the test in a series of challenges, here are the first two below.

Challenge One - Sustained connection in harsh environments.


Challenge Two - Can you wire the panel quicker than you can boil an egg?


Please do not repeat these at home, as it may lead to increased water usage and increased egg consumption.

Check out the RS range of SNK, simply search ENTRELEC SNK, washing machines, and eggs not supplied.

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16 May 2019, 8:37


May 28, 2019 07:09

The chef cheated. He did not integrate the time it took to put the connector onto the cable that he pushed into the connector. Redo your test and have your crimper with you and then put the connector on and then push it into your connector. Let us see how long that takes.

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