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TE Connectivity & Andretti Technologies – a winning connection

The FIA Formula E Championship is not just the future of racing, it’s the future full stop. Competition is fierce on the race track of course, but there’s another race taking place off the track: the race to advance innovation in clean energy for the benefit of us all.

TE Connectivity Andretti Technologies Formula E Test Car

With its focus on sustainability, Formula E is capturing the interest of engineers excited by technological advancements in clean energy. At the same time, the transformation of cities across the world into electric race tracks has captured the attention of fans, media and the public alike. This interest and acceptance, along with the growing electric mobility market, helps to accelerate technological advancements in clean energy and truly move electric vehicles to the forefront of 21st century automotive engineering.

As the first fully-electric racing series, Formula E presents a vision for the future of the motor industry and serves as a framework for research and development into electric vehicles. And, operating as an open championship, Formula E gives any FIA registered team or manufacturer the opportunity to showcase their own electrical energy innovations and solutions. Technical specifications are set down by the FIA which allow manufacturers to concentrate their efforts on developing and improving powertrain technologies, with the potential to transfer these advancements into the consumer electric vehicle market.

TE Connectivity Andretti Technologies Formula E Test Car

RS Components has been talking with its friends at TE Connectivity to bring you news of the exciting engineering partnership it has with Andretti Technologies in the form of the TE Connectivity Andretti Technologies Formula E Test Car. This innovation lab on wheels is helping the Andretti team reach new levels of speed where every millisecond counts. The TE Connectivity Andretti Technologies Formula E test car provides a unique platform for TE Connectivity to test and develop new technologies in extremely harsh and demanding environments.

In both the orange TE Connectivity Andretti Technologies test car and the blue and white MS Amlin Andretti ATEC-02 race cars, there are over 100 TE products, all of which play a part in the monitoring and control of this exciting new technology.

TE Connectivity Andretti Technologies Formula E Test Car

As part of the partnership, TE Connectivity runs a resident engineer programme with Andretti Technologies. This year sees Judith Henzel relocating to Indianapolis from her home base in Germany to serve as the engineering liaison between Andretti and TE. DesignSpark is lined up to interview Judith early next month, so come back soon to find out more about her exciting role and move to the US.

As the programme and partnership develop, RS will be working with TE to bring you some behind the scenes experiences from inside the paddock.

Meet Judith Henzel, TE Connectivity's Resident Engineer with Andretti Technologies

Countless years taking things to bits to see how they tick...