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Tangent arc vs. rounded corner issue


Hello again. I have a solid rectangle pulled to 0.125" thick. I need to modify one end so it has two legs, and the opposite end so it has one leg in the center.

I was able to make the two legs by ddrawing two straight lines on the back surface, then connecting them with the Tangent Arc tool. I pulled the enclosed area down, and I was done. See the attached image with the green surface, mouse pointer outside.

But the single centered leg isn't working. Again on the back surface, I drew two short perpendicular lines and connected them by using the Create Rounded Corner tool. I repeated this for the second side if the centered leg. Both images show these lines.

Everything looks good, but when I move the mouse pointer over one of the rounded-corner areas (yellow surface,mouse pointer inside), the entire back surface is selected, so I can't pull down just that area.

What am I doing wrong? Does the Create Rounded Corner tool not work the same as the Tangent Arc tool? I suppose I could try creating those areas with the Tangent Arc tool, but I did that initially, and decided the Create Rounded Corner tool was a better choice.

Thanks for any information on this.

--- Mike

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