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Taking the path of least resistance...

If you're anything like me, you don't throw anything away. Any piece of electrical or electronic equipment is a potential source of spares, and so if something stops working I'll grab some tools, take it apart and saving anything that looks "useful". The problem is that when I want to make something new, my spares box looks like this...


Resistors are an integral part of pretty much every electrical and electronic circuit, available in a bewildering array of values and packages, and sometimes marked in a colour code that (to my mind at least) would be worthy of codebreakers of Bletchley Park!

The result of all of this is that I can never find the resistor I need when I need it. Fortunately for my frazzled mind, our friends at TE Connectivity have created a series of kits that might help...

They have thought about the kind of resistors that engineers might need to have close at hand, and have created 25 resistor lab kits, each based on a prime selection of their fixed resistor series.


Now available exclusively from RS Components, there are 25 different kits to choose from, covering different package types and values. The kits all employ thin-film or thick-film resistor technology and offer distinct features for engineers working in all applications. Available kits include:



Each kit contains a wide range of values from within the product series represented, and are clearly labelled so that if you run out of any one part it's easy to replace them. Using this "one-stop" solution, you should never run out of the resistors from your preferred series. And whether you are after high or low power, SMD or axial-lead type resistors, there's a kit that will suit you. 

All of the kits based on the RN73 and CPF high precision devices are specified in the Electronic Industries Association’s (EIA) standard IEC 63 E96 and E24 value grids, which are the preferred values for high accuracy and close tolerance requirements. Both resistor series feature accurate and uniform physical dimensions to ease placement in a wide variety of applications including telemetry, sensing circuits, communications, industrial controls, and medical equipment.

Connector Geek is Dave in real life. With 29 years in the industry, Dave still likes talking about connectors almost as much as being a Dad to his two kids. He still loves Lego too...

3 Feb 2014, 13:32