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Take the Mystery out of Probing with Ally from Keysight!


Probing is arguably the most misunderstood but critically important aspects of making a good measurement. Keysight’s ‘Take the Mystery Out of Probing’ video series, hosted by Ally Dartt, unveils some of the greatest probing mysteries to help you make the most of your oscilloscope probes and improve your measurement accuracy.

In the first of 4 episodes, join Ally as she unveils this oscilloscope probing mystery by walking you through the basics of the two main types of oscilloscope probes: passive probes and active probes.

She covers how the circuitry inside of the oscilloscope probes differs, how this can affect your measurement and tips for selecting the right oscilloscope probe for your particular measurement need.


Take the Mystery out of Probing with the Probing Pitfalls eBook.

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1 Oct 2018, 14:22