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Siemens Time-Based Switching Motors

An automation solution for control of pumps, fans, and motors in general

The SINAMICS G120P drive is an innovative and user-friendly converter series that has been optimized especially for pumps, fans, and compressors in an industrial environment but also for tasks in building automation. The internal time switches can be used to implement automation tasks without an external controller.

Efficient, simple and time-saving

Your benefits when you use this application example. 

Easy control of motors

Control your motors with only one single automation component. 

Simple configuration via Panel

Configuration of the frequency converter is easy and fast with the integrated Basic Operator Panel (BOP).

Flexible speeds

The use of a SINAMICS frequency converter lets you specify the pump speeds in variable format.

Possible uses

You can use this application example for a large variety of time-dependent motor control tasks. 

Some examples for the possible uses:

  • General irrigation tasks
  • Wells
  • Pumping stations
  • Ventilation units
  • Compressors

How does it work?

A SINAMICS G120P frequency converter is configured with the Basic Operator Panel (BOP). A motor (pump) is controlled with the time switch integrated into the converter. It can be used to set the date, time and runtime of the motor. An additional controller is not required.

Required components

You need the following components to implement the application example. 

Article Qty Article number Note
1 6SL3243-0BB30-1HA3  
1 6SL3210-1PB13-0UL0 Related to the size of your  motor
1 6SL3255-0AA00-4CA1
 1 1LA7060-4AB10-Z Alternative: Or any other  asynchronous motor


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