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Switchgear for electronic glass panels

I have some switchable glass panels (opaque/clear) in my building which switches based on a momentary 12v dc input. It then gives out 60v ac to the panels. The previous switch units switch differently with an 'on' and seperate 'off' 12v dc signal and aren't available any more. There are still 3 of them present which control 3 out of the 4 sets of panels. The new module now gets a signal to turn on every other press of the button (digital display with on and off buttons) resulting in 3 sets of panels being on and the other being off most of the time. They sometimes line up but you have to cycle on and off a few times which isnt ideal.

To the question... is there a relay or controller of some sort which will take the on and off signals coming into the new unit, and translate them to a momentary (less than 1sec) signal in order to switch the unit in sync with the others?



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November 19, 2019 08:44

A multifunction time relay with a pulse generator output may be a simple solution (e.g. Elko type CRM-91H set to fuction j)

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November 11, 2019 08:53

My interpretation of what you describe is you wish all panels to be either on or off.
All the panels are driven by a 12V pulses, 1 to 3 have separate ‘on’ and ‘off’ pulses and panel 4 has a toggle function.
These pulses are generated from the controller which has separate on and off buttons to generate the appropriate pulse.
If the above summary is correct, I presume only one of the 12V pulsed lines presumably “ON” is wired to the 4th panel module? This would be useful to know.

If so when you press “On” and say only panels 1 to 3 become opaque, does the controller allow you to press “On” again which would toggle panel 4 to become opaque?
To turn all panels off, it would seem counterintuitive but you would have to press “On” to toggle panel 4 off and then “Off” to turn off panels 1 to 3.
There are many assumptions in the above, but if it works you would just need an instruction sheet next to the controller!
Any furtther details on this will assist in a better solution!

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November 7, 2019 16:40

How much current does the 12V control signal on the new unit need?
What is the minimum control pulse duration it will recognize?
Is there a maximum pulse duration?

How much current is available from the existing old-style control signals?

What happens (and what should happen) if both On and Off are pressed at the same time?

Depending on the answers to these, the solution may be as simple as two diodes.

Depending on the answers, the solution might be as simple as a pair of diodes.

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