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Super Skills Masterclass

Grass Roots

What is a Super Skills Masterclass?

This is a unique opportunity that we offer our DesignSpark community. In essence, a Masterclass is a 90-minute workshop on ANY 'Super Skills' topic that we cover in our Super Skills portfolio (see topics). These Masterclasses are more than just a 'tips and techniques' reference guide; each session is a fully interactive workshop, designed and delivered by a Learning and Development professional from the Grass Roots Education team.

The purpose of each Masterclass is for participants, like yourself, to learn..and enjoy that learning experience with fellow engineers; share experiences and develop your own particular skillset which will serve you well - not just for now, but for the future.

How do I sign up for a Masterclass?  

To sign up, complete our form to let us know a little about you and your preferences for the Superskills topics on offer. We'll then be in touch to let you know when our next Masterclass is running on your selected Superskills topic. It's as simple as that!

What exactly are ‘Super Skills’?

The Grass Roots Team recognise that the new technical skills and knowledge that young engineers will gain during their time at University is invaluable. Equally important to their own development, and that of future employers, are the other skills that complement the technical competence to make up a ‘well rounded’ engineer.

These ‘other’ skills are sometimes referred to as ‘Soft Skills’ …or Interpersonal/People Skills.

The Grass Team design and deliver these key skills to Students. We know that these key skills are important to young people. So important in fact, that we call them Super Skills!

Future employers often cite the fact that they are more inclined to hire graduates who have some of these skills in place before joining the company. They will often look for evidence of emotional intelligence, communication and teamwork skills, leadership and influencing skills in your interview.

The Grass Roots team can provide development to students with all of this. Our aim is to get students into a position where they can feel a little more equipped, mentally, for the workplace.

Super Skills topics that we currently rollout to Universities and Students include:

  • Emotional Intelligence - Self Awareness, Motivation, Empathy, Self-Regulation, Social Skills
  • Communication Skills - Listening & Questioning Skills, Non-verbal communication
  • Goalsetting - Why is Goal Setting Important?, What are the different types of goals?
  • ‘The Power of Storytelling’ - How to make your presentations more Impactful
  • Time Management - Exploring styles - 'Juggler, Procrastinator, People Pleaser, Perfectionist'
  • Personal Branding - Protecting your reputation, Perception v Reality, Social Media 
  • Resilience - The link between resilience and well-being, Handling Highs and Lows
  • Mentoring & Coaching - Mentoring v Coaching, Traits of a Mentor/Coach & Mentee/Coachee
  • Management & Leadership - Management v Leadership, Management & Leadership Models
  • Assertiveness - What actually is Assertiveness?, Assertive/Passive/Aggressive
  • Conflict Management - Understanding what Conflict is, Understanding yourself and others 
  • ‘People’ Solving - Understanding and responding to others, Empathy, 'People Solving' Tips


There are also opportunities for students to become ‘Ambassadors’ of ours. In short, we’re able to train up individuals to deliver this stuff within their own communities or student networks. A real learning and development opportunity for students...whilst enhancing their CV at the same time!

If any of the above interests you...or you’d like to find out a little bit more about any of the Super skills topics for example, please contact the Grass Roots Team. We’d love to hear from you and help in any way that we can.

Grass Roots Education – The Engineering and Youth Empowerment Team

Email us: or message us on Instagram or Facebook.


Grass Roots works with DesignSpark, RS Components and other members of the Electrocomponents group to support the development of young engineers around the world!

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